📣 TUESDAY, July 27th between 8am – 6pm 📣

🌳 our SMS Gates will be closed to traffic in and out 🌳

We will have a company here taking out four dead trees and limbing up all the rest on our entrance. Please use Silver Meadow Central’s gates around the corner (your clicker works there) and/or Silver Meadow North’s gates just a bit past Central (which have been open for months and do not close) between 8am-6pm for your safety. Please try to share this information with your neighbors who may not be internet savvy.

THE GATES WILL BE OPEN, HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM. They are open for the tree guys to work around. They are NOT open for you to drive in and out and have your windshield broken by a falling limb.

If you need gate clickers, personal codes (only work on our SMS gates) or your telephone number changed for the call box, please go to the Gate Information page and submit a request.