Due to the inability of all board members and all HOA members to access the Facebook group, we will be terminating the Silver Meadows South HOA Facebook page as an official outlet of the HOA as of January 15th. However, the page has been reassigned to an HOA member as “Silver Meadows South Community Connections“, to allow neighbors to share information within our community on a casual basis.


Any communications to the HOA and/or board members are invited via—

  • The message panel on the website at
  • Sending an email to (this distributes your email to all board members)
  • Calling the HOA telephone at 352-897-0180 and leaving a message, this number is monitored by a board member.
  • Mailing a letter or postcard to Silver Meadows South HOA, P.O. Box 1892, Silver Springs, FL 34489 (this mail is picked up weekly)

This streamlined communication will allow the board members to address any issues promptly, and all board members will then see the requests or maintenance issues simultaneously.

We strongly encourage all HOA members to subscribe to the eMail Newsletter, which you can do using the sign-up box in the sidebar of this page. You must login or register (create an account) to do this, as it is not publicly available on the site.

NOTE: If you have vandalism, disturbance or crime issues, as always, we strongly encourage you to first call the Marion County Sheriff’s office at 352-732-9111.